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Want to grow your knowledge of sewing, business, and design?

My goal is to help you widen your love and understanding for sewing, and other creative arts. New content will be added on a regular basis, so feel free to drop in frequently.

Sew Along

Having troubles understanding a pattern? These step by step walk through's will help get you over those hurdles.


Want to learn something new? Here are some crafty things that you can add to your design repertoire.


Occasionally, I'll drop a simple free pattern for you to enjoy!


Learning to sew can be tricky and frustrating at times, here's some tips to get you going on your projects, and to further your knowledge.


Do you struggle with coming up with original designs? You can find some new inspiration and ideas here!


Do you own a business or have plans of starting one? Here's some tips and tricks for getting started and maintaining a sewing business.


Need some drive and influence to get going? Here's some short interview from other creatives in the industry.

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