Mermaid and Trumpet Skirt Tutorial PDF. DIY maternity gown skirt pattern.
This listing is for a PDF skirt tutorial only.

Style: Mermaid and Trumpet tutorials available
Knowledge level: Intermediate.
Size: S, M, L, XL and Gathered top option

Materials: Waist piece: Stretch lace, ITY knit. Anything with a two way stretch, with 50% + stretch in one direction. Skirt: Lace, chiffon, organza, satin, tulle, knit, jersey
Fabric Width: Approx. 60 inches
Length: 1-2 yards/meters for silhouette waist piece or trumpet, 3-4 y/m for full bottom skirt.
Supplies: Sewing machine – domestic or industrial, serger (optional), fabric, fabric scissors, tailors chalk, pins, thread, measuring tape.

Info: The mermaid skirt is a fun spin off from the silhouette skirt. The top part of this skirt (from under the bust to the knee), is tight fitting, whereas the bottom of the skirt is where you get to play by using any fabric you choose, or any cut you like.
Variations: There are a few ways to create a mermaid skirt, one way is a trumpet shape - this is floor length cut silhouette shape, in your stretchy fabric, but from the knee, you flare out the fabric on the sides - this gives a very sleek classic shape. The other way is to cut a simple silhouette shape from under the bust, to the knee, and attach a separate skirt from the knee to the floor – this can be any shaped skirt you want, in a variety of fabrics.

- Tutorial comes with instructions on how to cut out your skirt along with hand drawn photos, fabric info, construction instructions and more!

Mermaid and Trumpet Skirt

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